The roof will be walked and inspected (when safe and appropriate) including the roof flashings and roofing materials. The inspector will inspect for deterioration of the roofing materials, list any visible signs of leakage or repair that will be needed for the roofing materials in use. The inspector will also attempt to determine the age of the roof surfaces and predict the risk of replacement over the next five years.


The recipe for a proper home inspection requires a few major ingredients: Professionalism; Integrity; Ethics; and, a properly trained and State Licensed Home Inspector. And, a limited 90-Day Home Warranty and RecallChek for your protection.

HomePro Inspections of the Keys, Inc. was established to provide quality home inspection services to the South Florida and Florida Key's communities. Our inspectors have performed over 7,500 home inspections, and thousands of dock/seawall inspections in the Keys since 1998.

Your home inspector will cover over 500 potential problem areas during the course of a typical home inspection. All HomePro inspections are performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors, Inc. and the Standards of Practice of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Your inspector will report on the condition of the following components of your prospective home during a standard home inspection:

Walls, floors and ceiling surfaces are scanned for problematic conditions, visible evidence of water intrusion, potentially dangerous or toxic materials, fire hazards or security breaches. A sampling of accessible windows and doors are checked for proper operation. All major appliances, water heater and AC equipment will be inventoried into the report by photo documentation of accessible data labels. Note: Cosmetic items or looking for toxic "Chinese" drywall are not considered part of a standard home inspection. Also, water intrusion at windows and doors due to wind-driven rain can not be detected unless those conditions exist at the time of the inspection.


The exterior of the home will be inspected including the wall surfaces, gutters, downspouts, soffit & fascia boards. The landscape grading, walkways, driveways and hand railings are all checked for voids and trip or safety hazards.

The electrical system is checked for sufficient capacity and safety, and evaluated in terms of its overall condition and suitability for future use. Your report will list the approximate amperage of the system, wire type, whether the system has fuses or breakers, list if GFCI & AFCI protection exists and make recommendations for upgrades if no GFCI protection exists. Upgrades and repairs are recommended where appropriate.


The structural section covers the structure in terms of materials used and type of construction. Foundation type, framing materials used and other significant sub-components are noted along with any idiosyncrasies. The inspector also checks for visible major or minor problems in the foundation, floor, walls and roof structure. The structure report will also include any evidence of wood boring insect or fungal rot damage either current or old. Note: It is recommended to have a pest control inspection performed by a termite company if a WDO-1145 Wood Destroying Organism report is needed or desired. HomePro Inspections of the Keys, Inc. does NOT provide WDO reports.



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The home inspector will test run all central and mini-split AC equipment (weather & temperature permitting) to determine if the system is cooling and heating, inspect all accessible internal components of central AC air-handlers, inspect fans, evaporator coils, condenser equipment and condenser coil. The inspector will also assess the capacity of the equipment, and by considering the age of the equipment provide life expectancy of the equipment over a 5 year span. Recommended repairs and maintenance will be listed in the report. Note: Wall and window type air-conditioners are not inspected.



The piping and fixtures throughout the house will be checked for function and life expectancies. The plumbing system is screened for unsanitary conditions and potential repairs, leakage or blockage. Laundry equipment, tile work, tub surrounds and enclosures and water heating systems are also inspected. The location of the main water shut-off will also be listed in the report as well as the type of water supply & waste disposal system, public or private. Note: Septic systems and onsite waste disposal systems are not inspected by HomePro.

The attic & wall insulation (if accessible) will be identified and the approximate R-Value will be noted if it can be determined. Any voids or missing areas of insulation will be noted. The attic ventilation type will be noted as well as ventilation for the crawl space, if any.


All safe to operate appliances will be inspected and tested and inventoried by photo documentation of accessible data labels. Appliances will be checked for basic operation and condition. Ranges will not be tested for accurate temperatures and self-cleaning functions will not be tested. Note: A standard home inspection includes one (1) kitchen and associated appliances, any additional kitchens will be inspected for an additional fee.

HomePro Inspections of the Keys, Inc. offers a multitude of additional services including windstorm mitigation, dock & seawall inspections etc to help you with your real estate transaction. Click-on the SERVICES tab at the top of the page to view all of the home inspection and insurance inspection services that are available.